About me?

Well, here’s the thing in a nutshell: After 20 years in the 3D Visualization industry as a CEO of my own agency I finally gather the courage (and time) to write about matters that I really like and are somehow related to my core business but not necessarily PART of it. So basically in order to differentiate my  3D market Visualization blog (in Spanish)  from this one, I took the decision to write it in English, notwithstanding the fact that I’m a Colombian who not only speaks native Spanish but Live, eat and Work in this country, I think it would  make a difference from everything I have been doing so far,  sharing my thoughts about the many little things I have learned in this life of mine so far.

If by any chance want to check my Spanish-3D Viz Industry-Driven Blog, please do it here: http://vika-solutions.blogspot.com.co

And here’s my linked in profile: www.linkedin.com/in/afhurtado12734014_10153857964090149_2780268976532435867_n